I started growing in screen houses some years ago. I was trying to keep aphids off my plants as I live in a heavy mosaic virus area. It has taken a few years to work the bugs out of my system.lol! At first, I was afraid of my plants getting to hot so I got a very large fan. Later I found out I was just maintaining big green plants, the heavy airflow was sucking all the water of the plant leaving nothing for fruit. I was still growing 700 to 800 pounders, but not 1200 like the big boys then.
The big bonus was keeping the squash vine borer off my plants, there incessant & were impossible to stop prior to Merit. I don't use Merit as I have the screen house. The screen allows air flow & rain through but the mesh is so fine aphids don't get through. It gives hail protection & winds are diminished through the screen. These have been load tested to 70 mph winds. When the storm receded the giant veggies were screaming "You call this a storm"lol! I have had storms roll every plant outside the screen house, I step inside & nothing is touched. The screen also reduces sun by 20%, the harsh sun you don't need. I also sleep better knowing the woodchucks & deer are outside.The screen will last over 5 years. I'm still using the first screen I purchased some 10 years ago. The kin cave is 28X60=1680 sq feet. This will house 2-3 giant pumpkin plants or 6-8 melon plants. My cost to build was around 2 grand, I should get 5 years minimum out of the screen & 10 years minimum from the frame & hoops. I am a licensed contractor in the State of Michigan & would be willing to build this for you if interested, for a fee.(I love to travel & have been told I can talk the bark off a tree)lol.
 If any member of WWGG is interested in this type of growing let me know I will help you get started building one. As part of your membership I will talk you through the construction & advise you along the way. It maybe like landing a 747, but we can do it. I have grown my Personal best 1947.5 pumpkin & 260.5 watermelon in my Kin Cave & Melon cave.

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If you need insect Screen This is the best deal I can find.Tell them WWGG sent you.I will be using there screen in 2015

The Screen House !!!!