Welcome to our New Class for 2014

If we have a good response I will increase the places & prizes to be awarded for 2014!
We will start with 150$1st place!
Congrats! John Butler 19' 5"

100$2nd Art Johnston 19' 2- 1/2"

50$3rdMarvin Mithchell  18' 11- 1/2"

50$4th Alan Laginess 17' 1-5/8"

50$5th Darrel Berry 16 '
plus 100$in free products to 1st place.

To join simply pay a 35$membership & write in comment box on membership form Sunflower & seeds .

If you dont need sunflower seed

Like  the  Maters.These dont have to be taken to a weigh-off.
I do need a good picture of sunflower while still growing with a person standing next to it.preferably with or on a 6-8-12foot stepladder with steps visible in photo.Also a picture laying on ground being taped.
We do want to encourage this hobby at all types of weigh-offs Record breakers should be taken
 to an organized event.
Thanks for joining!

              2015 Prize Money

1st 150$Marvin Mitchell 252.5 inches  1st place 21 feet 1/2 inch (doubles to 300 with a bronze or higher membership)
2nd 75$Art Johnston 236 inches & plaque 19 feet 8 inches

3rd 50$John Butler 228 inches& plaque  19 feet
4th A.L.35$Alan Laginess 13 feet 8 inches   164 inches

5th You can add 35$to this place with a bronze membership
50$with a silver
75$with a Gold Membership
Its progressive The more who join the more places we pay.

Fresh Links

Marvin Mitchell 277 inches 1st Place $150

Art Johnston 273.75 inches

2nd $75

John Butler 273 inches 

3rd $50

Alan Laginess  222 inches

Iwan Horde    201.12 inches

Tallest Sunflower!!

              2015 Members List

1.Alan Laginess 164 inches

2.John Butler 228 inches
3.Art Johnston 236 inches
4.John Nieunwenhoff
5.Marvin Mitchell 252.5 inches  1st place
6.Iwan Horde

2016 Standings

Congrats to Marvin Mitchell

                          Sunflower 23 feet 1 inch tall