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Mike Steele

Once I had a wooden whistle, But it wooden whistle. Then, I bought a steel whistle, But it steel wooden whistle. So I bought a Tin whistle, Now I tin whistle. author unknown.
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 I once founded a Club, But they wooden let me whistle. So I resigned to being just a member of that Club, But they steel wooden let me whistle. So,I started this website. NOW I TIN WHISTLE!  LOL ! 

Chris Kents 2010 World Record!

Mallisa Bess 45.5 lope /James 55.1

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My 260.5 & 219  Bill Neptunes 239 in front.1st, 2nd & 3rd OVGPG 2011
 Sarah Lee Gifford! President Canine division.

Below  are some Long Gourd samples from Andrew Hamiltons(grandson Caiden W/92.5 Hamilton X 135 Jacobus.
95 Seca plant Mother of 109 Eaton.Bottom photo Alan Eaton with his longest in Canada 2012 collection.

Jason Gfeller OVGPG