Contest #1 Heavy Carrot
                                         1st place pays $125  Chris Qualley  11 lbs 7 oz
                                          2nd place pays $70 Dan MacCoy 13 oz
                                          3rd place $15

                  Dan MacCoy $15  1/10/16
                  Robert Borgers $15 1/11/16
                  Chris Konieczny $15 1/11/16
                   Chris Lyons    $15  1/12/16
                 Phill & Jane Hunt $15
                  James Hartley $15 1/17/16
               Brian Christensen $15
                Scott Culp $15
               Chris Qualley $15-   11 lbs 7 oz
                Chris Dunn $30
               Bubba Presley $30
              Caton  Domke

Contest #2 Long Carrot
                      Robert Borgers $15 1/11/16 money refunded

Contest #3 Marrow              1st pays $45

                       Robert Borgers $15 1/11/16
                       James Hartley $15 1/17 16
                       Dale Marshall $15

Contest #4  Giant Radish
                    Robert Borgers $15 1/11/16  money refunded

Contest #5 Giant Onion       1st pays $60
                   Chris Konieczny $15
                 Brian Christensen $15
                  Scott Culp $15        no entrys ?????? please contact me
                  Caton  Domke $15
                 Tim Hebb $15 

Contest #6 Giant Rutabaga  1st pays $60$
                 Chris Lyons $15   1st place 55 lbs
                  Phill & Jane Hunt $15
                  Dan MacCoy $15
                  Jim Stawecki $15 2nd place 17.42 lbs

Contest #7 Tallest corn           1st pays  = $60

                   Steph Barnes $15
             257 inches   Marvin Mitchell $15  2nd place  257 inches
                Tim Hebb $15
             Art Johnston $15     1st place 310 inches  wins $60

Contest #8 Longest Ear of Corn
                   Steph Barnes $15  (refund due)

Contest #9  Giant Beet
                    Brian Christensen $15 (refund due)

Contest #10 Kohlrabi
                       Brian Christensen $15 (refund due)

Contest #11 Heavy Cabbage       1st pays $30
              Dale Marshall  $15
              12.85 Jim Stawecki $15  1st place winner

Attention New & Present Members!
Please submit a new form when joining.
This is a stand alone program.
Please do not mix details of your present membership.This causes confusion for me & creates a lot of back tracking.
Please help us see if these contests have a following??
Thank You !! Very MULCH!!!

Big Bonus!!
Grow a World Record !
If you do you will get $100 & a Special WR plaque.
Root Keeper Members & up will get $300 & plaque.

All entries should be witnessed & certified.Records breakers must be made public to be considered. Like to see videos & witness & pictures.WWGG has the right to dispute any suspect entries.
Join Now!

The $35 fee will enter you in 2 contests.WWGG  will take $5 off the top to buy a 1st place plaque. If contest grows to 10 contestants we will pay 2nd place at 15 entry's we will pay 3 places.The other $30 will be placed in the prize pools of your 2 contest choices.$15 in each contest.If you only join 1 contest $30 will be placed in that prize pool only.

ODD Veggie Contest

This is whats up DOC!!!
New Odd Veggie Contest for 2016 

This how it will work $35 will put you in 2 contests of your choice.Odd Veggies Only! This is not to be intermixed with the other contests on this website.This is a trial year to see if interest is on for  long term contests in these veggie types.
So please tell your friends about our new contests.
Present members ONLY  may join 1 contest if they wish for $20. Fifteen will go in prize pool $5 will go to plaques & site fees. This for present members only.New members must enter with a $35 membership.

              Here are some suggested Odd Veggies!

Heavy Carrot
Longest Carrot
Tallest Corn
Longest Ear of Corn
Beet Root

Please be the first too sign up & get the root ball rolling LOL!

Fresh Links

You can initiate a contest by simply filling out the 2016 membership form & writing in comment box the odd veggie contest you wish to start.I will post the new contest below & others may follow by joining up.If no one enters your contest by June 15th I will refund your money.I already have many wanting to start a Giant Carrot contest.I will update the members list as they join each day.Any Questions please e mail me at

The Bronze memberships do not apply to these contests as The 1st place money will not double with a Bronze Membership.However you may use the RootKeeper Membership $95 US Funds 110$in Europe & other locations.The same $15 will go to each contest leaving the balance for shipping & product.

Seeds will not be supplied by the WWGG .I will however help connect you by posting seed sources on this page.You can be invited to our hidden FaceBook page by request as a member.You must have a Facebook account to do this.We have videos & social postings as well. is one site as well as the Giant Vegatable Growers of Ontario(GVGO).

If members choose to post there e-mail address for seed distribution I will be glad to make How to get seeds spot on this page.