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 FYI:Full strength on these products would be 1tsp per gallon.Marks Special Tea 1 tablespoon per gallon.I highly recommend the trickle feed .Please watch videos for complete Giant growing information.

                                                                                                                                                    2018 Mark’s Mix Giant Veggie Feed & Read Schedule

(Always use non chlorinated water for feeding plants if possible.)

Root Keeper 1tsp.per gallon (non-chlorine water)    
                                                                                                                              On first transplanting, or at time of rooting, also drench all roots again when transplanting to garden.

Let plant set in ground for  1 week in good temps before first feeding.

1st feeding- GROW 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. Try to water uniformly over surface. Trying to pull roots to grow out of their inner circle.

(Don’t just water center of plant)

If plant looks needy at all (light green) spray bottom of leafs with Mark’s Special Tea, spray  mornings if possible or evenings with time for leafs to dry out before dusk. Can spray small plants daily at 1/4 strength .1/4 teaspoon per gallon. (Never spray plants in the hot sun).

Cold temps & soil below 55 degrees  plant will not  take in nutrients as well.

Plant established after 2 weeks

We will try and feed a daily trickle feed to plants on a Feed & Read basis

Use Marks Grow daily 1 tsp. to 5 gallons of water or ½ tsp. to 2.5 gallons of water, depending on soil conditions & weather? If plant is 2 feet long, water out 3 feet in every direction. Continue till plant is 8-10 feet long.

Use Marks Special Tea full strength 1 TBL. per gallon of water. Foliar Spray (1 TBL)or soil drench 1tsp when other nutrients included. Watching plant if plant gets real green? You may skip a feeding or two of all products.

3-4 weeks plant should be 5-8 feet long

You need to water the entire root zone. If plant is 8 feet long? Water & feed 10 feet in all directions 360 degrees from stump of plant. Do not walk on soil as this will hinder plant growth.

5-6 weeks as plant reaches 8 -10 feet long switch to Marks Bloom.

Re- inoculate the entire root zone with Root Keeper 1tsp. per gallon. This should be like 25-30 gallons at this point of plant size approximately 10x10 plant.

So, daily feed 1-TBS Marks Bloom to 10 gals water ½ tsp. of Grow & 1 TBS Cal Mag. & 1TBL. of Mark’s Special Tea for every 10 gallons of water. Continue this watching & reading plant. Getting GREEN?? Back OFF! Too much nitrogen can go south on you. Watch videos if possible. So if watering 50 gallons a feeding 5TBS Bloom ,5 tsp Grow etc.

Pollination time might be best to back off ferts if ?Hot ?over 85 degrees. So daily feed 1-TBS  Marks Bloom to 10 gals water 1 tsp. of Grow & 1 tsp. Cal Mag. & TBL. of Mark’s Special Tea for every 10 gallons of water. Continue this watching & reading plant too much can cause aborts. Watch plants close shade fruit from hot sun.

We will continue after fruit is cantaloupe size to feed the daily trickle.

July through August continue this feed watching plant & making any adjustments that you see fit. Consult  another grower or the Secret page growers  if not sure of how the plant should look. As pumpkin packs on the lbs we will keep the Cal Mag. along with Pumpkin Power and Mark’s Special TEA with amino acids help pumpkins gain density & weigh heavy at the scales. Water to keep soil moist but not constantly soaked. I like to inoculate the entire plant about mid July with Root Keeper to help keep plant healthy. You can do it again in August if you have had a lot of disease issues & think it maybe needed. Foliar feeding on a daily basis is a good idea with Mark’s Special Tea. I highly recommend watching the videos. There’s so much to tell, hard to do it on a feeding schedule. There are a lot of theories on how to finish them out in September. I would feed them till mid September. Then, just keep the water supplied for the last 2 -3 weeks. Good Luck & have a Fun Summer! Teach a kid to grow!!!

              Thank Ya Very Mulch for joining in 2015!

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NOTE: (This Schedule is subject to changes as the season goes maybe some additions? Please follow videos at Marks Secret Facebookpage. You can send me a email request. The page is secret & can’t be found by search.)

 FYI:Full strength on these products would be 1tsp per gallon.The Root Keeper 1tsp per gallon.I highly recommend the trickle feed .Please watch videos for complete information.

Note: I just added this to the last page:NOTE: Note: If watering through drip tape systems or any type system with filter screens and such.It would be best to stir the Root Keeper and the Cal Mag in warm water.When mixing either one.Using a 5 gallon bucket & a 5 gallon paint strainer.Make it up concentrated then pour in your tank or reservoir to the proper level wanted .There may be some unwanted residue to discard.


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