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Building a trellis May 15th.Time is burning the 99 lovelace is growing out of its pot.I will add lattice a braces & get in ground today.This is the neighbors rope climb from a playset.My wife took 1 look at this & asked me if I was out of my gourd!lol You might be a redneck.If you grow long gourds on the neighbors rope

Only 2 weeks left to join classes right now 10 out of 11 people will win a prize! Best odds in town.
Below July 7th 99 lovelace growing well with Great White & Advanced Nutrients products.Upper right corner my first pollination. self pollinated.

Congrats to Al Eaton growing a New World Record with "Marks Root Keeper"
 149.50 inches $500 cash if the record holds till the 31st of December.
                     2nd Todd Kline 141.31
                     3rd John Harnica 133.50
                     4th Stephen Layfield 121.9 inches
                        5th Ryan Helsel 116.75
                        6th John Butler 108 inches
  These results are not final please contact me with your entry if not posted here.

2014 Prize 2014 Prize Standings

1st.$1,000 plus $300 msrp in free nutes!Todd Kline 136.75

2nd $250 John Harnica 132 inches

3rd $125 Glen & Margaret Martin 130.38

4th $100 John & Sue Nieuwenoff 128

5th$100 Al Eaton 127.56

6th $50 Gary May 126.5

7th $50 Entrant removed (not accurate) 4/21/15

8th $50 John Butler 123.5

9th $50 Art Johnston 121.75

10th $50 Phill & Jane Hunt 119.75
plus $200 in free products!

If I missed your entry please contact me ASAP!

If I missed your entry please contact me ASAP!
1st John Butler 129.63  Canada
500$cash & 250$in Advanced Nutrients product.

Alan Eaton with his 2012 Canadian Collection

2015  Long Gourd Members list
1.James Hartley
2.John Butler 108
3.Art Johnston
4.Stephen Layfield 121.9 inches
5.John Nieuwenhoff  88.50
6.Gary May 94.50
7.Todd Kline 141.31
8.Bill Foss
9.Alan Eaton New World Record! 149.50 inches
10.John Harnica 133.50
11.Sebastian Leuders 94.50
12.Ryan Helsel 116.75
13.Iwan Horde 101.6 inches
14.Chad New 95.5


2015 Prize Money

1st 500$Congrats to Al Eaton growing a New World Record with "Marks Root Keeper"
 149.50 inches (doubles to 1,000 with a bronze or higher membership)
2nd  250$ Todd Kline 141.31 & plaque
3rd 100$John Harnica 133.50 & plaque
4th 100$ Stephen Layfield 121.9 inches
5th 100$ Ryan Helsel 116.75
added by T.K 35$Ryan Helsel 116.75
6th You can add 35$to this place with a bronze membership
50$with a silver
75$with a Gold Membership
Its progressive The more who join the more places we pay.

Just in shipped from the Smokey Mountains the 99 Lovelace long gourd.

2013 Prize's & Awards

1st.$500 plus $250 in free products!
2nd $250
3rd $125
4th $100
6th $50
7th $50
8th $50
9th $40
10th $40 plus $200 in free products!

There is also a $12 surplus which will go towards a  Plaque for 1st
& Rosettes for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Long Gourd page.
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to our Top Ten! Awards video on 12/22/13
1st John Butler 129.63  Canada
2nd Alan Eaton 121.19  Canada
3rd Art Johnston 119  Canada
4th Gary May 118.75 U.S.
5th John Nieuwenhoff 118 Canada
6th Stephen layfield 112.50 U.S.
7th Darrel Berry 100.43 U.S.
8th Norbert Andres 98.50 Germany
9th Chris Konieczny 97.88 U.S.
10th Alan Laginess 92.06 U.S.
If I missed your entry I apologize please contact me asap.