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76.70Daniell, Colby Arkadelphia Arkansas

WWGG Youth Awards
2015 Shew Youth Award

Every child who enters will get a participation plaque regardless of there position in the contest standings.
Please send your photos of your kids in the patch.We like to promote kids actually working the garden & helping the adults with there growing projects.Getting the kids in the patch once or twice a week is a great learning experience they will never forget.

Jack's Kids Club & Youth Members!!

Welcome to Jack's Kids Club  Starting seeds indoors

step 1 Soak seeds for 3 hours in a glass of water

step 2 Place soil in cups and lightly moisten(not soaked)

Step 3 Place seeds in soil 1/4 deep just barely covered in soil point seed down with round side up is best.

step 4 Place seed cup in a warm place,top of fridge or water heater.Keep at 70 to 80 degrees for 3-5 days.

step 5 When seedling brakes soil place in sunny window or under a grow light.Best if good airflow is in room. set outside if temps are above 60 degrees.

NEW for 2018 - Get 4 seeds from Jacks 1317 or 1177 X open "Big Porch Pumpkins" Plus pack of 10 Sunflower seeds all for $10 free shipping.Jacks How to start guide included .