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Grafting a melon by Dr.Homegrown PHD

Congrats to Chris Kent our 2015 Winner & GPC World Champ!
Chris is a Bronze member so his prize is $1,000.00

2015 Prize Money

1st $1,000 Chris Kent  302 lbs 1st place & GPC 2015 Champ!

($500 doubles to 1,000 with a bronze or higher membership)

2nd $300 Bill Foss 226.50 lbs.& plaque

3rd $200 Bill Neptune 223.0 lbs. & plaque

4th $100 H.C Williams 215 lbs

5th $100Al Davis 208 lbs

6th $50 Tim Brussels 200.50 lbs

7th $50 Mike Daniel 163.67 lbs

8th 35$D.S. Joesph Grmela 162.50 lbs 

9th 35$M.S. Llyod Bright 134.50 lbs

New Novice/Beginner contest 175 lbs or less to enter this one.

1st 1.Tyler Reinhard  192.5 lbs $200

 (doubles to 400$with a Bronze membership or higher) & plaque

2nd Gary May  183 lbs $100

3rd Brian Crosby 165 lbs 100$

These are not final till Jan 1st 2016

Please contact me if I missed your entry.

Your personal best must presently be less then 175lbs to enter the Beginner contest.No world record holders or Heavy hitters will be allowed in this contest.
If your best is under 175 you have the choice to join either contest or both if you pay 2 membership fees.

2014 Prize Standings

1st.$1,000 plus $300 in free products! Bill Neptune 272.5

2nd $300 Chris Kent 258.5 lbs.

3rd $200 Todd Dawson 232 lbs.

4th $150 Llyod Bright 227 lbs.

5th$100 Tim Brussels 224 lbs.

6th $75 Marty Schinkner 209 lbs

7th $60 Al Davis 207 lbs.

8th $50 Bill Foss 193 lbs

9th $50 Bill Edwards 191.5

10th $50 plus $200 in free products!Marvin Mitchel 186 lbs.

This is unofficial till Jan 1st.Please contact me if I missed your entry.
2013 Winner!1st Chris Kent! WORLD RECORD!! 350.5!! lbs 505$cash & 250$in Advanced Nutrients products.
Thanks Melon Head & Advanced Nutrients for Supporting this Class!

2013 Prize's & Award

1st.$505 plus $250 in free products!
2nd $305
3rd $205
4th $155
6th $75
7th $60
8th $50
9th $50
10th $50 plus $200 in free products!

  This leaves 75$for a Plaque for 1st & Rosettes
   for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Giant Melon Head
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to our Top Ten.awards Video on 12/22/13
1st Chris Kent! WR 350.5 lbs U.S. Woot Woot!@!
2nd Todd Dawson 241 U.S. WooT!
3rd Llyod Bright 202 U.S. Woo!
4th Jessie Rein 192 U.S. Wo!
5th Mike Daniel 174 U.S. LOL!
6th Eric Proctor 162 Berville Mi. U.S.
7th Josh Scherer 153 U.S.
8th  George Llyod 148 Norfolk co fair Canada
9th Steveann Fraley 144  U.S.
10th John Ciesielski 133 U.S

Below Jackson Reed in Hamilton Ohio with the 2013 New World Record 350.5 Kent!

     2015 Giant Watermelon Members list

1.Scott Carley
2.Daniel Snyder
3.Jacob Marhitnizer
4.H.C Williams 215 lbs
5.James Hartley
6.Marty Schnicker
7.Stevann Fraley
8.Bill Foss 226.50 lbs.
9.Bill Neptune 223.0 lbs.
10.Harry Hurley
11.Mike Daniel 163.67
12.Tim Brussels 200.50 lbs.
13.Al Davis 208 lbs
14.Phillip Wellington
15.Todd Dawson
16.Llyod Bright
17.Mark Gasparovic
18.Joesph Grmela 162.50
19.Chris Kent  302 lbs 1st place & GPC champ!

Watermelon Novice

1.Tyler Reinhard  192.5 lbs
2.Chad Shoop 92 lbs
3.Gary May  183 lbs

5.Colby Daniel Youth

76.70 Daniell, Colby Arkadelphia Arkansas United States Old Washington Farmers Market
6.Brian Crosby 165 lbs
7.Chris Konieczny  


Chris Kents 2010 World Record 291 lbs