Congrats to Fabrice on a 8.36 lb Tomato 1st place so far in 2015
OUR Worldwide Contests are open till December 31st
if this holds Fabrice has won $500 as a WWGG member

2015  Giant Tomato Members List        
1.Jacob Marintzer
2.Chris Kent 6.10 5th place
3.James Hartley
4.John Butler 4.0
5.Art Johnston 3.07
6.Quinn Werner 6.30 3rd place
7.Dan MacCoy 3.67
8.Patrick White 5.66 6th place
9.Chris Lyons 4.62
10.Bill Foss 2.07
11.Harry Hurley
12.Fabrice Boudyo 8.36 lbs 1st place 
13.Mike Mansfield 6.20 4th place
14.Glen And Margaret Martin 4.88
15.Jane And Phil Hunt 4.62
16.Jim Stage 4.30
17.Steve Marley 7.05 2nd place
18.Chad New 2.96 dmg
19.Phillip Wellington 0.91
20.Joel Jarvis 1.67
21.Hez Wahl 2.85
22.Steve Connolly 3.55

2015 Prize Money

1st $500 Fabrice Boudyo 8.36 lbs
(doubles to 1,000 with a bronze or higher membership)

2nd $250 Steve Marley 7.05 lbs.

3rd $100 Quinn Werner 6.30 lbs.

4th $100 Mike Mansfield 6.20 lbs.

5th $100 Chris Kent 6.10 lbs.

6th $50 Patrick White 5.66 lbs.

7th $50 Glen & Margaret Martin 4.88 lbs

8th Honorable mention:   Chris Lyons & Phil & Jane Hunt 4.62 lbs
Looks like tie & I heard they grow in the same patch.LOL!

New Novice/Beginner contest 4lbs or less to enter this one.

NO Novice Tomato in 2017

1st $200 Caleb White   5.55 lbs.
(doubles to 400$with a Bronze membership or higher) & plaque

2nd$100 Ethan White  5.24 lbs

3rd $100 Mackenzie White 5.16 lbs

4th $75(P.W.added ) Brian Crosby 4.40 lbs

th $35(C.K.added)Chris Dunn 4.20 lbs

Your personal best must presently be less then 4lbs to enter the Beginner contest.No world record holders or Heavy hitters will be allowed in this contest.

The beginner can enter either or  both contests if they feel confident or lucky!!

Patrick White from Alaska & the Novice Grand Kid Gang!!
 Great Job! Guys & Gal!!

Please contact me asap if your entry is missing here.Dec 31st deadline.
1st Fabrice Boudyo 6.83lb.Mater  WOW! France

Chris Lyons with his Canadian cherry tomatoes lol!

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                      2013 Prize's & Awards

23 Members & Growing!

1st.$605 plus $250 in free products from
Advanced Nutrients!
2nd $305
3rd $205
4th $155
6th $80
7th $60
8th $60
9th $55
10th $55 plus $200 in free products!

There is also a $77 surplus which will go to a Plaque for 1st
& Rosettes for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Giant Tomato page.
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to our Top Ten!Awards video on 12/22/13
1st Fabrice Boudyo 6.83  WOW! France
2nd Chris Lyons 5.20  Sweet! Canada
 3rd Marvin Meisner 4.86   NICE! U.S.
4th John Butler 4.49 Canada
5th Art Johnston 4.19 Canada
6th George Llyod 3.94 Canada
7th Steve Marley 3.63 U.S.
8th John Maston 3.14 U.S.
9th Marty Schnicker 2.70 U.S.
10th Hezekial Wahl 2.45 U.S.
Please let me know if I missed your entry asap. Thx Mark

No novice Tomato for 2017

1 contest only

                                          Tomato Novice

1.Chris Konieczny 4.14 lbs
2.Charles Carlson 3.15 lbs
3.Brian Crosby 4.40 lbs
4.Rusty Ortman 4.07 lbs
5.Cory Weibel 2.74 lbs
6.Rick Angelino
7.Ethan White  5.24 lbs    Youth
8.Mackenzie White 5.16 lbs   Youth
9.Caleb White   5.55  Youth lbs
10.Chris Dunn 4.20 lbs

Welcome our New Tomato C0-Sponsor!
New for 2014 Season.

                    2014 Prize Standings

1st.$1,000 plus $300 in free products
Dan MacCoy Wow! New World Record!!
8.41 lbs!!!!!!

2nd $300 Bill Foss 7.10 lbs

3rd $200 Quinn Werner 5.98 lbs

4th $150 Fabrice Boudyo 5.85 lbs

5th$100 Steve Marley 5.75 lbs.

6th$80 Mike Mansfield 5.41 lbs

7th $60 Chris Lyons 5.03 lbs

8th $60 Chris Kent 4.94 lbs

9th $50 Phill & Jane Hunt 4.77 lbs

10th $50John Butler 4.72 lbs
$50 plus $200 in free products!

 World Wide Giant Tomato Contest!