What a difference 1 month makes! Pollinating the 1067.5 Kent on June 19th.5 lobes 13 feet on the main vine.

2013 Prize's & Awards

  46 Members & Growing!

1st.$500 plus $250 in free products!
2nd $300
3rd $200
4th $150
6th $100
7th $100
8th $100
9th $100
10th $100 plus 200 in free products!

There is also a $64 surplus which will go to a Plaque for 1st
& Rosettes for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Giant pumpkin page.
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to our 2013 Winners awards video on 12/22/13

                            1st Chad Gehweiler 1530 lbs.  U.S
                            2nd Mike Aasman 1320.50  Canada
                            3rd Gene Mcmullen 1318.40  U.S
                             4th Daniel Kruszyna 1295  U.S.
                             5th Andy Box 1290  U.S.
                             6thJeff Roy 1209.50  U.S.
                             7th Paul Rosquita 1019.50  U.S.
                              8th Dan Fleser 996  U.S.
                             9th Sebastin Luders 984.10  Germany
                            10th Andreas Wild 971  Germany
        Please contact  me  if I overlooked your entry.
        This is NOT  the final results.  

  2015 Giant Pumpkin Membership list

1. Scott Carley 1427.5 lbs.
2.Peter Caspers
3.Alan Laginess
4.Lance Hoffa 573.5 LBS
5.Daniel Snyder
6.Russ Pugh
7.Andy Box
8.Quinn Werner  2020.50 2nd place
9.Todd Cotterman
10.Glenna Rea
11.John Sikorski   1533 lbs 8th place
12.Steve Minor 774 lbs
13.Patrick White
14.Chad Shoop
15.Patrick Beck
16.David Nessley
17.Chris Lyons 1484 9th place
19.Rusty Ortman   1666 Circleville 7th place
21.Pete and Cindi Glasier
22.Todd Kline  1733.50 4th place
23.Brian Christenson 999.5 lbs
24.Daniel Hajdas
25.Gene Mcmullen  2145.50 1st place
26.Dan Fleser
27.John Harnica 1667 6th place
28.Glen and Margaret Martin  2017.0 3rd place
29.Dan Kruszyna
30.Bill Neptune
31.Chad Gehweihler 1404 10th place
32.Kyle Davis
33.Tanner Conway
34.Ryan Hoelke
35.Chris Dunn
36.Don Vanhoutte
37.Jackson Gehweiler 1706 5th

                                                           Novice Pumpkin Contest
1.Peter Caspers 1277.5   3rd
2.Chris Konieczny 586.5 lbs
3.Lance Hoffa 573.5 LBS
4.Jacob Marthintzer
5.Steph Barnes
6.Henry Bartimus
7.Cory Weibel
8.Chad New 1367 1st
9.Jeremy Terry
10.Chad Shoop
11.Daniel Leon
12.James Champagne
13.Rick Angelino
14.Erik Shaw
15.Nick Welu
16.James Carson
17.Michael and Monica Mueller
18.Chris Johnson
19.Danny Mason
20.Jermiah Plansky 633 lbs
21.Aretha  Manchester
22.Mojca ReharKlanic
23.Jeremy Lindley 416 lbs
24.Gerald Campbell
25.Tanner Conway 721 lbs
26.Dustin Grubbs
27.Eri Welton  1102 4th
28.Jason Grams 1299 2nd
Harley Weldy

World Wide Giant Pumpkin Contest

4th of July update! Kin Cave 1

July 19th Video Dolly growing 34lbs a day!

1st.$1,000 plus $300 msrp in products!

Congrats to Pete &Cindi Glasier 2036 lbs.WOW!

2nd $300Chad Gehweiler 1882 lbs.

3rd $200John Harnica 1865 lbs.

4th $150 Quinn Werner 1700.5 lbs.

5th$120Gene McMullen 1692.8 lbs.

6th $100Jackson Gehweiler 1692.5 lbs.

7th $100Russ Pugh 1639 lbs.

8th $100Gary Adams 1634.5 lbs.

9th $100Ryan Helsel 1519.5 lbs

10th $100 plus 200 in free products!Todd Kline 1507.8 lbs.

This is unofficial till Jan 1st If I missed your entry please contact me.
1st Chad Gehweiler 1530 lbs.  U.S  2013 Winner 500$  & 250$  in Advanced Nutrients Products.

I  will be growing the 1530 in 2014 Great Cross!

2014 Prize Standings

2016 WWGG leader & New World Record 2,624.60 Willemijns, Mathias Deurle East Flanders Belgium European Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off 2145 McMullen 1872 Willemijns 496.0 2,175.00 21.0

Brookler the lookler with my 1478.5 Clementz Jackson Reed!

2017 Giant Pumpkin contest

Prize money will remain the same as 2015 & 2016. Growers coat will be awarded if 30 or more join up.WWGG will pay 10 places in this contest.1st place doubles to $1000 with a Bronze or higher membership.To join go to Membership/contact page.

2015 Prize Money

1st $500 (doubles to 1,000 with a bronze or higher membership)

Congrats!! Gene McMullen  2145.50 1st place won $500 with 2015  Root Keeper membership

2nd $300 & plaque Quinn Werner  2020.50 2nd place with a $35 2015 basic membership

3rd $200 & plaque Glen and Margaret Martin  2017.0 3rd place with basic 2 -$95 Root 2015 Keeper membership.

4th $150 Todd Kline  1733.50 4th place (2015 Bronze member)

5th $100 Jackson Gehweiler 1706 5th ($35 Basic Membership)

(added by T.C. Gold)6th $75 John Harnica 1667 6th place (bronze member)

per S.M.Gold 7th $75  Rusty Ortman   1666 Circleville 7th place ($35 basic)

8th $50 John Sikorski   1533 lbs 8th place (Gold)
9th $50 Chris Lyons 1484 9th place ($35 basic Membership)

(35$added by R.P Bronze )10th  Scott Carley 1427.5 lbs.($35 basic membership)

(added by 35$B.C. bronze)
11th Chad Gehweihler 1404 lbs

New Novice/Beginner contest 1000 lbs or less to enter this one.

1st 200$(doubles to 400$with a Bronze membership or higher) & plaque

1st place Silver  Member Chad New 1367 lbs
wins $400 1st year grower!!Wow!

(will advance to higher Giant Pumpkin contests for 2016)
(You cannot enter Novice again,once you break 1000lbs)

2nd  $100 Jason Grams 1299 lbs($35 basic)

3rd $100 Peter Caspers 1277.5  (Bronze Membership)

(added by P.C. bronze)4th $35 Eri Welton  1102 4th(Silver membership)

(added by J.M.bronze)5th 35$J.M.bronze

 6th$35 L.H.bronze
?? Whos spot is this??
Your personal best must presently be less then 1000lbs to enter the Beginner contest.No world record holders or Heavy hitters will be allowed in this contest.
The beginner can enter either or  both contests if they feel confident or lucky!!

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