2013 Prize's & Awards

12 Members & Growing!

1st.$500 plus $250 in free products from
Advanced Nutrients!
2nd $250
3rd $200
4th $150
6th $50
7th $50
8th $50
9th $50
10th $50 plus 200 in free products!

  This leaves 36$to go towards  a Plaque for 1st & Rosettes
   for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Giant Lope page.
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to our Winners of 2013 season
 1st. Josh Scherer 47 lbs Ohio
2nd Chris Kent 45.5 lbs Tennesee
3rd Allen Lyvers 26.6 lbs Kentucky
4th James Hartley 17.6 lbs Spain

I had a couple unofficial entries sorry I had a tough decision that I discussed with others, they agreed.I cant except anything not on certified scales with a photo.If I start this it may get real messy,not fair to the guys who make the full effort. If you feel cheated I will refund your money.Thx Mark@worldwidegiantgrowers.com

Ok Fellas Llyod Bright wants to do cantaloupe contest this year.jlindley has been working hard a promoting this. I have decided to re-instate the WWGG contest for 2017. I will base the prize structure on how many enter.10 entrants = 1st place plaque & pay 2 places.11-15 people we pay 3 places 16-20 people we pay 4 places.$35 to join up.Just write in comment box Cantaloupe contest. I will pay out 100% of the money minus the cost of a plaque for 1st place. If the winner grows with a Marks Mix exclusive grow I will double the first place prize.If you grow a new world Record 100$ bonus World record grown with Marks Mixes $300 bonus. I will update the website this weekend.

I have seeds I can send you & more on the way from Jeremy Lindley

This is stand alone contest $35 to join not to be combined with other Memberships

RULES: You must take it yo a certified scale grocery store etc. then video taped all 4 sides of scale with fruit on scale .The lift the fruit to show its solid and has no holes. It's not hard to make a good video like Dan MacCoy did with his WR mater. This will be strictly enforced for the top three fruits. And pretty much for all of the fruits

Jonny Jr.  42lb Boammer

2015 Cantaloupe Members List

1.James Hartley 53.7 lbs
2.Marty Schnicker
3.Lloyd Bright
4.Harry Hurley
5.Lewis Morris
6.Todd Dawson 53 lbs .

Allen Lyvers 56.7 lb.Kentucky State record!

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2014 Prize Structure

1st.$250 James Hartley 30 lbs.
2nd  $150 Phillip Wellington 22.9 lbs

3rd $100 Lewis Morris 20 lbs.

4th $50 Alan Gibson 19.6 lbs

5th $50

                 2013 Winners!

1st. Josh Scherer 47 lbs Ohio 500$cash& 250$in Advanced Nutrients Products.

                       2015 Prize Money

1st 100$James Hartley 53.7 lbs  (doubles to 200 with a bronze or higher membership)
2nd Todd Dawson 53 lbs 75$

3rd  ???75$
If more then 15 people join I will raise the money on this contest

Lewis Morris  from Ohio