2017 Field Pumpkin results (unofficial till Dec 31st )

1st $500 Iwan Horde 180.80 lbs

2nd & 3rd $200 Tie John Harnica 127 lbs & Scott St Laurent split $300

4th $100 Dan Fleser 112.50 lbs

5th $100 Brian Cleave 109 lbs

6th  Steve Hamilton 106 lbs Missouri State Fair

7th Johnson/Butler 103 lbs

8th  Ryan Cleveland 84lbs
9th Andy Box 82.50 lbs

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Congrats to Dan McCoy our 2015 1st place winner thus far.
162 lbs weighed at Stillwater $500 if it holds?

                          2015 Prize Money

1st $500 Dan MacCoy  162 lbs
(doubles to 1,000 with a bronze or higher membership)

2nd $250 Brian And Ally Cleave 147 lbs.

3rd $100 Brian Christenson 134 lbs Eastern Idaho State Fair
4th $100 Art Johnston 126 lbs.

5th $100 Iwan Horde 117.1 lbs.

6th You can add 35$to this place with a bronze membership
50$with a silver
75$with a Gold Membership

  2015 Field Pumpkin Members List

1.Alan Laginess
2.John Butler 108.5 lbs
3.Art Johnston 126 lbs.
4.Brian And Ally Cleave 147 lbs.
5.Quinn Werner 112 lbs
6.Tim Brumaqhim
7.Dan MacCoy  162 lbs 1st place
8.Joesph House
9.John Nieuwenhoff 100.5 lbs
10.Chris Lyons 108 lbs.
11.Nathan Kampf 117 lbs
12.Cory Weibel
13.Bill Foss 104 lbs
14.Brian Christenson 134 lbs Eastern Idaho State Fair
15.Stephan Eckhart
16.Jane And Phil Hunt
17.Dan Kruszyna
18.Iwan Horde 117.1 lbs.
19.Lance Hoffa
20.John MacKinnon
21.Alan Nesbit

2014 Field Pumpkin Standings

1st.$1,000 plus $300 in free products!New World Record!

John MacKinnon 211 lbs.WOW!!

2nd $250Phill & Jane Hunt 175 lbs

3rd $125 Iwan Horde 164.70 lbs.

4th $100 Quinn Werner 147.5 lbs.

5th$100 Joesph House 132 lbs.

6th $50 Paul Rosquita 130 lbs.

7th $50Dan Kruszyna 127.50 lbs.

8th $50 Chris Lyons 124 lbs.

9th $50 Lewis Morris 110 lbs.

10th $50 James Carson 107.5 lbs
plus 200 in free products!
Please contact me if your entry is missing.

1st.John Mackinnon 131 lbs.Canada 500$cash & 250$in Advanced Nutrients products

                 2013 Prize's & Awards

14 Members & Growing!

1st.$500 plus $250 in free products!
2nd $250
3rd $125
4th $100
6th $50
7th $50
8th $50
9th $50
10th $50 plus 200 in free products!

There is also a $42 surplus which will go to a Plaque for 1st
& Rosettes for the Top 3.This is subject to grow farther down the standings depending on enrollment.

This will be the Field Pumpkin page.
Send your Photos & growing tips to
Members only please,as space is limited.
Congrats to the Top Ten!Awards video 12/22/13
1st.John Mackinnon 131 lbs.Canada
2nd Chris Lyons 128 Canada
3rd Paul Rosquita 121.50 U.S.
4th Joe House 100 U.S.
5th Alan Laginess 81 U.S.
6th Josh Scherer 76.5 U.S.
7th Albert Gfeller 72.50 U.S.
8th James Carson 66 U.S.
9th Lorrie Gfeller 57.50 U.S.
Please let me know if I missed your entry asap Thx Mark