1474 Clementz 2016 $40 2-seeds

2oz   Root Keeper

Germination guide & growing tips

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1 pack 12 seeds of Marks private stock

& 2 oz of Root Keeper ( makes 12 gallons)

$20 with germination & growing tips.

1734 Clementz  2015  $50 1- seed

1317 Clementz X self

2-oz of Root Keeper

Germination guide & growing tips.

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Buy & sell your seeds here.Direct from grower to you Giant seeds.You will get payment for your seeds at time of sale.100% of the sale goes to your PayPal account.You will then send a 20% commission back to me I will donate 5% to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth & 5% to the Howard Dill Family. (the man who created this seed line back in the day). Leaving me a 10% commission. WORLDWIDEGIANTGROWERS authentic seeds direct from growers of your choice. Simply e-mail me your photo of your fruit & the details weight year grown etc..I will up load your photo and post below.I will need your Pay pal address to have payment go direct  to your account at time of sale.I I will start a Canada & European program soon. Mark@Worldwidegiantgrowers.com 

Tall Sunflower seeds

Jackson's 1317 Clementz private ORANGE stock 4 seeds & 2 oz of Root Keeper (makes 12 gallons)  all for $20

with germination & growing tips included..

Combo Pack! $25

2 -Green Squash seeds(300 lb+)

2-Giant watermelon seeds(200lb+)

2-Giant Tomato seeds (3lb +)

2-Field Pumpkin seeds(90lb)

6-Tall Sunflower seeds (10-13 ft.

2 oz of Root Keeper (makes 12gallons) to get you off to a great start.

with germination & growing tips