This was my first year using Mark's Mixes and first year growing giant pumpkins. I have a small backyard and was only able to prepare a 100 square foot plot for each plant I grew. I was hoping to maybe reach 500lbs, but with Mark's Mixes I grew 2 pumpkins weighing 981lbs. and 717lbs. I plan on using Mark's Mixes again in 2017! I highly recommend them! Thanks Mark!  Dustin

Great News from Wisconsin Thanks Pete!   2016 was my 3rd year growing giant pumpkins and my 1st year growing long gourds.
With the help of Marks Mixes, I grew my 2004 pound pumpkin in just 86 days. I also earned the GPC jacket with a total of 4061 pounds.
With the long gourds, I took 4 first place ribbons. The Longest was 136 3/4 inches for a WI state record.
I used Marks 6 products and the "giant veggie feed and read schedule" that came with my bronze membership.
Thanks Mark for putting together a product line that produces BIG results!!
Pete Vander Wielen, Sherwood WI

Bubba's Bonus Pack

World Record Long Gourd!
“When I used Marks Root Grower for the first time I managed to grow a World Record long gourd of 149.50 inches. I believe the Root Keeper was a major contributor to that gourd. Definitely it is in my plans again for 2017.
Cheers—Al Eaton

Bubba's Bonus Pack - The pack includes all 6 Mark's Mixes(2 lbs.each) Water soluble powders.with 1 lb of Root Keeper.1 gallon (liquid) of Marks Special Tea with amino acids & humic & fulvic acids. MST is a powerhouse of nutrients designed to ignite & maintain superior  plant growth & health.

Members Price $ 210.00

2lbs Mark's Mix - Pumpkin Power Bubba's Biggest Secret

$ 34.00 Members Price Free Shipping in US

Mark's Pumpkin Power 1 tsp per gallon maximum feeding. if container gardening only use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Trickle feeding is suggested on all plants

 2 lbs Mark's Mix - Giant Grow

$ 26.50 Members Price Free Shipping in US


Grow is all your plants need to grow from seedling to fruiting stage.Its perfect balance will help you achieve the garden of your dreams.As with all of Marks Mixes it works great on all plants/flowers/veggies etc.Water soluble powder 1 tsp. per gallon is maximum feed.Works best with Marks feed & read program schedule.

My second year using Marks Mixes. I followed directions this year and got a personal best--by over 200 lbs. No HD award, but a lot of handshakes and hugs(from women).  Steve Minor

 2 lbs Mark's Mix - Root Keeper Bigger Roots Bigger Fruits

$ 80.00 Members Price Free shipping in US
Root Keeper is a root inoculant .Not to be thought of as a fertilizer, but a Root igniter .Dont compare pound for pound with similar products.2 lbs of Root Keeper makes 192 gallons of soil drenching beneficial heaven for your plants.1 teaspoon per gallon of Non Chlorinated water is best.More power full then most beneficial products on the market today.

Mark's Mix       

"Keep it a secret but go tell a friend"

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More Testimonials on the way

Our 2016 Tomato leader grown in NEW Alaska State Record

Here is my son Stephen holding our 7.15 tomato. We use Mark's Root Keeper regularly on all of our giant and garden tomatoes as well as our squash, pumpkins and gourds. We also swear by his Beneficial Tea which we use weekly.Thank you Mark - Patrick White

Thats a Husky Tomato From Alaska!!!LOL

Great testimonial from the Smoky Mountains.Thanks Chris!!!!

I am a long time grower and holder of the world record watermelon title. I have just completed my 2nd year in a row of
growing the largest watermelon in the world. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without Mark’s Mixes products. They are the best I have ever used. The root keeper with its multi blend of beneficals promotes root health and growth. The special tea is unlike anything I have ever seen. I had never used tea, but after I tried it I would not consider growing without it. Its that good! The fertilizer line is great to get and keep your plants growing in tip top form. For a plant in need, use Marks Mix indeed! Thanks Mark.
Chris Kent.

1 gallon Mark's Mix  - Mark's Special Tea Giant Garden Blend

$ 83.00 Members Price Free Shipping in US

Mark's Special Tea can be used as a Foliar spray or soil drench 1 TBL Per gallon add 1/4 tsp of CalMag To boost calcium intake. For Soil drenching Mark's Special Tea 1  teaspoon per gallon will be sufficient when adding along with my other mixes. Studies have shown that calcium uptake is very productive for building density  in all types of fruit development.MST will help speed your calcium production in your plants & will help stifle powdery mildew in your patch.This is the best way I have found to keep my plants green machines

2lbs Mark's Mix - Giant Bloom Flowering Base Nutrient

$26.50 Members Price Free Shipping in US

Mark's Bloom 1tsp per gallon maximum feeding. If container gardening only use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Trickle feeding is suggested on all plants

        2016 Michigan State champion           

Marks  Mixes & Root Keeper got me off to a great start...the 8 gallons of Mark's Special Tea that I used on 3 plants kept them green & healthy even during our unusually hot season. I had my best year with an 1823 pound Pumpkin (I also had a 1543.5 )!Already looking forward to next year...thanks Mark!
The Cotterman Family

Thank you Mark Clementz for World Wide Giant Growers and great products.My 2nd year growing melons and with the help of Root Keeper, Marks Tea, Pumpkin Power. and others I grew some nice melons and finished the year with a 290.5 lber!!!

2lbs Mark's Mix - Cal-Mag Bubba's Monster Maker

$ 26.50 Members Price Free Shipping in US

Mark's Cal-Mag 1 tsp per gallon maximum feeding. If container gardening only use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. Trickle feeding is suggested on all plants

I am a first year grower that grew a 1918.5lb Minnesota  State Record pumpkin using Marks Root Keeper.  I believe it is one of the major factors that contributed to my success.  Not only did I grow a 1918.5lb pumpkin my first year, I grew an 11.7lb carrot and a 5.59lb giant tomato.  I will be using Marks Root Keeper on all of my fruits and veggies next year as well.  Thanks Mark for the great product. 

 Chris “Q Tip” Qualley