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Bushel Gourd (heaviest)

There will be a 2017 Bushel Gourd Contest. The prize money will be the same as last year.Its growing fast.Here is your chance to grow a World Record & get in the Guinness Book of Records .Please write in comment box when  joining Bushel Gourd contest with your other choices.If we get more then 20 entrants I will raise the amounts to be won.

Welcome to our New Class for 2014

We will start with 150$1st place!

Congrats!Doug English 279.5 lbs.

100$  2nd Chris Kent 270 lbs.

50$  3rd John & Sue Nieuwenoff 166lbs.

50$  4th Stevann Fraley 165 lbs.

50$  5th Harry Hurley 157.2 lbs

50$6th Otis Carey 130 lbs

plus 100$in free Products to 1st place.

To join simply pay a 35$membership & write in comment box on membership form Bushel Gourd & seeds .

If you dont need Bushel Gourd seeds.

You can weigh these on certified scales Grain Elevator/Scrapyard etc. IMPORTANT! I will need Photos with circumference
measurement.Also photo with member and scale for Website display.

We do want to encourage this hobby at all types of weigh-offs So there will be a 50$bonus on each prize(Top 3)
That are taken to an organized event.
Thanks for joining!

   2015 Members List

1.Chris Kent 213 lbs
2.Brian And Ally Cleave 140 lbs
3.John Nieuwenhoff 140 lbs
4.Stevann Fraley 135.5 lbs
5.Brian Christenson
6.Otis Carey 166 lbs
7.Harry Hurley
8.Doug English 210.5 lbs
9.Chad New

2016 Results (unofficial standings)

136 .15 lbs. Harry Hurley  $150

125 lbs Chris Kent $100

87 lbs Caleb White (youth) $50

45 lbs Mackenzie

contest final Dec 31st

Please send me your results to

                   2015 Prize Money

1st 300 $ Chris Kent 213 lbs
($150 doubles to 300 with a bronze or higher membership)

2nd 100$Doug English 210.5 lbs

3rd 50$Otis Carey 166 lbs

4th You can add 35$to this place with a bronze membership
50$with a silver
75$with a Gold Membership
Its progressive The more who join the more places we pay.