1877 Kline 2059 Daletas X sibling .

1947.5 Clementz
1317 Clementz X 2009 Wallace

You can request these seeds while supplies lasts  with your $35 membership.Some are limited as Champion seeds usually are.Great crosses!!

Bubba's Big Orange 2017

1734.5 Clementz
1317 Clementz X self

1998.5 Jutras
1317 Clementz X 1916 Barron
Howard Dill Winner!

2016 Big Orange Champion & Canadian Champion

Todd Kline

Todd Cotterman (Birdman).

1177 Clementz
1947.5 Clementz X 1317 Clementz(1734)
Howard Dill Winner!

Rules for Bubbas Big Orange Contest!

#1 Pumpkin must be orange
If not orange you can enter the giant pumpkin contest instead.(no Charge)If my decision is questioned as to color ruling.I will turn the decision over to Chris Kent,John Vincent & 1 other trusted known grower to decide on whats orange

#2 all other rules apply as to our other contests.1st prize will not double on this contest with a Bronze or higher WILL NOT!

#3 Seeds are limited so when supply runs out contest closed. Good Luck to AWL!!

#4 The winning 4 Pumpkins from this 2016 contest  will merge with the winning 3 from the 2016 Bubba Challenge & become the seeds we grow in 2017 The Bubbas Big Orange &  will be the only contest in 2017 (eliminating the Bubba Challenge)

#5 Top 4 places must donate 50 seeds (if available)
We also ask that you use a orange pollinator or real heavy male pollinator.Prefer orange if possible.

#6 You may enter with any orange genetics(seed) you like,But you must register the seed when you join.Write in comment box.Which seed your growing.Pumpkin must be all orange to win/place/show in contest.You will not get a seed from above if using your seed choice.But you will be entered in the 1998.5 seed giveaway March 1st.

Please write in comment box Big Orange contest.

Logo is on back of shirt.
"Keep it a Secret But Go tell A Friend" is on the front of shirt.Shirts are $25 in U.S $35 Europe & overseas.I presently have Lg/XL/Med/& Youth sizes in stock.If I dont have your size it could be 6-8 weeks to order & ship.If you would like one add to the comment box on Membership form sizes & send a check or PayPal the funds.
Thank YA Very Mulch!!!
You get a Free Shirt with Silver & Gold Memberships!

Special note: If you join  the 2016 Bubba Challenge OR the 2016 Bubbas Big Orange & do a Bronze membership or higher you will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 5-1317s Clementz to be given away.This maybe the last year to get one.This would make a great Christmas gift.Tell the spouse! all I want for Christmas is my  two front teeth! Well Bubbas !!!!!LOL
or you can have a 1947.5 in place of the 1317 if thats your favorite.
First drawing January 1st 2016

Fresh Links

1823 Cotterman 2008 Neptune X 1317 Clementz T.

You can grow any of the seeds below & win the Bubbas Big Orange Contest 2016.
If you would rather enter your own pumpkin seed that throws Giant Orange Pumpkins, you can enter it instead or you can buy them at a Big Pumpkins.com club auction. You must still be a member of the WWGG & pay the $35 fee to win prize money
1st Prize $1,000
2nd prize $500
3rd prize $300
4th prize $100
(Contest Recommended seeds below)
You can pick one: The  The 1734.5 or The 1177 with your $35 membership fee.You get 1 seed with 2016 membership. You can also choose to grow the 1317 Clementz or the 1998.5 Jutras & obtain one from a club auction at Big Pumpkins.com this December through February. This helps support your favorite growers club.
I will also sell the 1317s for $150 to help fund the WWGG prize structure.
There are only a small hand full left.

Joe has donated some 1998.5s! So on March 1st everyone who have signed up for this contest will be entered in a drawing & 10 seeds from Joe's Orange Monster 1998.5 will be won & shipped  ASAP
When you win, place or show?
Your seeds will be grown the next season making this Contest a community group trying to grow the Biggest Orange Pumpkins.
Make these genetics yours by signing up for 2016.

1317 Clementz
1495 Stelts X 2009 Wallace

2017 Seeds being offered  are this years top 4 - 1877 Kline

1823 Cotterman

1704 Clementz

1637 Jarvis