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1st place Winner 2016 Pete Vander Wielen
Grown from the1947.5 Clementz 6% heavy
$1,250.00 Pete won a bonus $250 for self pollinating the cross.

Bubba/Smokey Challenge

2015    Standings Congrats                     

   1st place Winner $1,250.00 2016 Pete Vander Wielen 
                              1583 lbs from 1947  (only 83 days old) 6%+
                   still growing 12 lbs a day when harvested
             2nd place Chad Gehweiler $500-1181.5 lbs from 1460   6%-
             3rd place  Mark Clementz $300-1177 lbs  from 1947   4% +

        4th place Joel Justus & Justin Jarvis $100 -1105 lbs from 1947 1%-
Great Color & shape plus the1583 was 6% heavy.I will be growing this one in 2016 for the Bubba Challenge.You will get a 1583 & 1177 with your 2016 Bubba Challenge $35 membership.(The1181.5 is not available)sorry.

1317 Clementz 2013
1495 Stelts x 2009 Wallace
Tiny!! 14% Heavy!

1067.9 Kent 2010 14%heavy
Dolly below grown from this
1326 Clementz 9% Heavy You will get the mother seed at top.

The Bubba Challenge will merge with the Big Orange contest for 2017.

You can request last years winning seeds If you like.The 1734 & 1474  Clementz & 1177 are also availble by request with your membership.1583 Vanderwielen  is also available by request.

You can grow any pumpkin in the Big Orange contest & win 2,000 1st place.No need to register the seed you will grow.Just enter a orange pumpkin at seasons end.You must however sign up for the Big Orange contest by writing in the comment box on members form.

(2000$ does not double with a bronze or higher membership DOES NOT

The Bubba Challenge results  for 2015!

The growers were given these seeds
 1-1947.5 Clementz 1317 Clementz X 2009 Wallace
 2-1450est.dmg Box 1634 Werner X 1317 Clementz
2-1460 Gehweilers 1317 Clementz X 1392 Gehweiler

The heaviest pumpkin won the Bubba Challenge in 2015.The seeds are limited to 50 packs.So sign up now by sending 35$to WWGG 103 W.Sherman St Holly.Mi.48442
Use Pay Pal send 36$to
with a note taking the Bubba Challenge
The prize money for 2015 is the same as last year.
like the other contests with a bronze or higher.
                                                       2015 Bubba Challenge
1. Mathias Willemijns
2.Steve Marley
3.James Hartley
4.Jeff Roy
5.Joel Jarvis 1105 lbs.
6.Cory Weibel
7.Patrick White
8.MiKKal Hodge 1033 lbs
9.Steffano Musso
10.John Nieuwenhoff 853 lbs
11.Andy Box
12.Marintzer Jacob
13.Al Davis
14.Pete Vanderwielen   1583 lbs. 6% heavy   1947.5 selfed  1st place
15.Dan Flescer

16.Erik Sorenson
17.Chad Ghweiler 1181.5 lbs. Gehweiler 2nd place
18.Travis Halverson
19.Jim West
20.John Butler
21.Mike Cooper
22.Randy And Audrey Warren
23.Josh Simpson
24.Michael Helburg
25.Karen Moore
26.Brian Christenson
27.Steve Minor
28.Charles Carlson
29.Jeff Beimel
30.Andrew Vial
31.Todd Kline
32.Caton Domke
33.Alan Laginess
34.Peter Caspers
35.Dan Snyder
36.Phil Joynson
37.Russ Pugh
38.Dale Marshal
39.Todd Cotterman
40.John Sikorski
41.John Chlebus
42.Robin Chavet
43.Marty Schnicker
44.Nathan Kampf
45.Harley Weldy
46.Andrew Pilger
47.Phil Chillem
48.Charles Carlson
49.John Brinkley
50.Neil Freshcorn
51.Don Vanhoutte
52.Mark Clementz 1177 lbs.Clementz 3rd place

Gold Bubba Tooth award 1474.5 Mark Clementz 
2016 results

Silver Bubba Tooth award 1125 .5 Pete Vanderweilen

Bronze Bubba Tooth award 959 Lou Chadwick (Franklin County Fair)
Donkey tooth award 739 Andy Box

1478.5 Clementz 2012
1161 Rodonis x 1723 Marshal
Jackson Reed! 3 out 4 offspring have gone heavy.2- 12%

2014 Contest results
1900$total purse for this class!

2014 Bubba Challenge Winner Bubba himself! lol Go figure!

1st Mark Clementz 1947.5 lbs
The Golden Bubba tooth award & 1,000$$

2nd Andy Box 1503.5 lbs
500$& the Silver Bubba tooth award!

3rd Chad Gehweiler1460.5 lbs
300$& the bronze Bubba tooth award.

4th Chris Garrett 1337.30 lbs
100$& the Donkey tooth award! LOL!
Rule #1  One fruit one prize.You cant enter both WWGG  AG classes with the same fruit.

Rule #2 Must be weighed at a organized event (non GPC ok).but must be an event.We
strongly encourage a GPC if possible.

Rule #3 The top 3 Bubba challenge  winners will be next years Bubba Challenge & must donate 50 seeds to the contest & WWGG for 2015 .(if seed count warrants)We wont take more then 50% of seeds.IF A WORLD RECORD IS GROWN only 25 seeds will be asked for and contest will only provide 1 seed per contestant in 2015.(seeds provided to members each year is subject to change as results are not predictable) If you have seeds & wont donate.WWGG reserves the right not to pay the prize listed for your place.

Rule #4 Will need photos(winners)1st thru 4th) on Scale or in patch with grower(or hot bikini babe if you prefer) in! Take lots of pics thats the secret to getting a good one.
#5 Seeds are limited So first come first serve basis.I will post as soon as there gone.NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN asap.

This class will have a 25$entry fee.Entry is open now! 2014
  Just write in comment box I want the Bubba Challenge on membership form.

Oh yes! I cant forget I will be taking the Bubba Challenge myself.This will be the only WWGG contest I enter in 2014 .Good luck to AWL!!!!