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2019 Membership Opens December 1st

10% Pre-sale can win a 2145 or Hot seed pack & more
 Please join us! 10%

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  PayPal button to pay for your membership or you can visit PayPal and send your payment to:
You may also use the the PayPal address for any misc. purchases (T-Shirts, etc...)
Or send check or money order
  Payable To: WWGG
 P O Box 152
Holly MI. 48442

You pick the contest you want to enter.
#1 Giant Pumpkin
#2 Giant Watermelon
#3 Long Gourd
#4 Giant Tomato
#5 Field Pumpkin
#6 Bubba's Big Orange Contest! (Must be orange to win)
#7 Giant Green Squash
#9 Tallest Sunflower(write in comment box)
#10 Bushel Gourd (write in comment box) on mbrshp form.
  Your $35 membership fee places you in that class
 and also enters you in to a get random seed of your choice.
Every member gets a seed or seeds if packaged in multiples.Request seeds if needed some growers have seeds already.I will ship by request. Please write in comment box on form your request.
 Seeds come with Membership!

         $25   2019 Basic Membership

Will enter you in all contests No need to choose CONTESTS with membership. (2145 drawing Nov.30th  is for pre sale 6 pack & higher members only)

If you need seeds.You will be in Seed drawings to win seeds Jan 1st & March 1st. (20 winners at each drawing will be randomly choosen) Seeds do come with  Bubbas 6 pack Pre Sale package Jacks Big Orange porch Pumpkins  4 seeds included with purchase .You can also obtain seeds by asking on the Hidden FaceBook page You will be invited to when joining.Members may request a special variety seed pack custom fit to your grow when purchasing a Bubbas 6 pack -12 pack or 24 pack Membership.  

If you wish to contact me?  email me at

 P.S. If you have multiple members in household please use a different e-mail address for each person entering if possible (not mandatory)
$25.00 Membership Fee Includes:
 1) 2016 Instructional How to grow giants Video series (members only)videos every 10 days to 2 weeks or less.unedited for faster delivery to you.
 2) 2019 Seed giveaway Jan 1st & march 1st 20 seeds in each will be won
 3) Entry into one class of your choice. Additional classes can be entered for $25.00 each (win a seed for each paid class)
 4) Growers can get advice & How To Tips via E-mail.
 5)Contest to win cash prizes & awards.
 6)Constructing screen house advice & planning.

1. Membership submission is open all year. Your membership runs from Nov 1st (or date you submit your membership) through Dec. 31st of each year.
2. Annual membership fee is $25.00 and is due by June 15th along with any additional class fees, to be eligible for cash awards.
3. Growing season ends December 30th each year.
4. WWGG will make all final decisions for any issues that may occur through the year.
5. All entries must be weighed on certified scales. G.P.C. sites, County Fairs and State Fairs are acceptable events. Must get pre-approval for any other contest sites.5A Tomatos & cantaloupes may be weighed at local markets on certified scales,with photos & tape measurements(circumference).Any record breakers should be video taped & witnessed by 2 people (not related).

6. In the event of a tie, the tying levels will be combined and split between the winners.
7. If under the age of 18 you must join with a parent or guardian. Joint membership counts as one fee.
8.Mark Clementz & household members/employees will not enter contests.(With the exception of the Bubba Challenge & the new 2016 Big Orange contest) I will be entered in these 2 contests only.
9.Bubbas Big Orange contest  New in 2019 1st place $300 with all 6 products add $200
10. Winners  top 3 in every contests should donate 10 packs seeds from the prize winning fruit in each contests   Big orange is 50 seeds for the top 4 places. 10 is a minimum(more would be nice) Pumpkins would be one seed per pack.Squash would be 1 seed per pack.watermelons 2-4 seeds growers choice.Field pumpkin growers choice .Maters growers choice. Long Gourd 2 seeds per pack..If a grower has a small seed count he could negotiate the amount
11. ONLY 2 memberships per household per contest. You can enter several members of a household in different types of veggies if you like. ONLY 2 PER CONTEST>You should NOT enter a 2nd veggie in a contest with your childs/wifes name on it.In less your child/wife has participated in the weekly care of said plant.Lets keep it fair for all the growers who work hard on there plants each season. The goal is to share gardening with are loved ones.

**** WWGG reserves the right to make changes and updates as necessary***

For your convience you may submit your membership fee through PayPal or  make checks payable to "Worldwide Giant Growers" and mail to:

Mark Clementz
Po Box 152
Holly, MI 48442 USA
                                          No need to print form.Just fill out & submit,Mail your payment either postal Or PayPal.Thanks & Good Luck!
Privacy Policy WWGG shares no information with outside sources. NONE!

  Bubbas 6 pack Pre Sale package thru November  29th 

  (all powders make 192 gallons at full strength,Trickle feed will go much farther then 192 gal.) All nutrients can be mixed together & feeding schedule will shipped with products.

1-Grow 2lbs                     1 6-pack 270$ 10% off NOW $243 

1-Bloom 2lbs           Free 2043.5 Clementz by request with purchase

1-Cal Mag 2lbs   

1-Root Keeper 2-lbs  (Trickle feed will go much farther then 192 gal.)

1-Pumpkin Power 2lbs

1-Gallon Marks Special Tea (makes 256 gallons at 1TBL per gal)

Laminated feeding schedule included

 (4 seeds from Jacks Big Orange Porch Pumpkins included)


 after December 1st $270 10% off sale $243 now thru 11/29/18

           Buy now & no need to fill out Members form I will need a phone                 number address & ship to address  Thank you Very Mulch!!

               YOU WILL BE ENTERED IN ALL 2019 CONTESTS with purchase.


Bubba's 2019 Members Pack - The pack includes all 6 Mark's Mixes (4 water soluble powders(2lbs each )with 1 lb of Root Keeper.1 gallon (liquid) of Marks Special Tea with Kelp extract (amino acids)& humic & fulvic acids. MST is a powerhouse of nutrients designed to ignite & maintain superior  plant growth & health. Plus entry in to ALL contests. No need to choose. Just grow the ones you like from the prize money list.You can submit entrys after you harvest. Your purchase will make you a WWGG member instantly & invited to the Secret Facebook page.

 $ 270.00 free shipping in U.S   Now thru November 29th 10% off  Pre Sale ships for $243.00 December 1st thru June 1st cost will be $270.00

All Pre Sale buyers will get a free draw in a 2145 McMullen free seed drawing on November 30th 2018.  Each set purchased gets another draw in PRIZE Giveaway

2nd place prize a Free Bubbas 2019 Members pack ($270)you can use or gift to a friend.

3rd prize Hot seed package (mystery pack) & Root Keeper 2lb jar makes 192 gallons.

I will ship before the snow flies if possible. Product was produced last March so is still fresh good for another season.

          Bubbas 12 pack 2019 pre sale =2sets with 2 draws  $461

           After 11/29/18 will be $515 for the 2019 season while supplies last

                                                                                                                   after 11/29/18
                                                                     ($940 4sets)

Bubbas 24 pack Pre sale 4 sets with 4 draws  $880

comes with a 5th gallon of Marks Special Tea & extra Cal Mag as a 4  set bonus & 1-WWGG  hat


Marks Mixes & Champion seeds

2019 Contests with $25 Membership(1 Fee enters you in ALL contests)

Heavy Hitter Giant Pumpkin 1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $100

for growers with a personal best 1750 lbs or more(however new growers can win this too 1 fruit per contest only.

Giant Pumpkin Contest  1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $100

for growers who have not grown over 1750 yet. with plaques

Giant Pumpkin 1000 lbs & under $100 w plaque

For growers who have not grown 1000 lbs yet.(1 fruit per contest only)with plaque

Giant Pumpkin 1000 lbs without going over $100

 This is for NEW growers who have not hit the 1000 lb goal & fall short .You cant win this & the contest above.1 fruit per contest (with plaque)

Big Porch Pumpkin 600 lbs & under $100 & plaque

Never grew a giant pumpkin before contest (not so serious contest) Newbies  only PLEASE

Big Orange contest $300 1st & plaque

(open to all growers)

Heavy Hitter Giant Watermelon 1st $250 2nd$100 3rd$100 with plaques.with plaques

Giant Watermelon Contest 1st $250 2nd $100 3rd $100

Personal best 250 & under to be in this contest. With plaques

Long Gourd 1st $100

Giant Squash 1st $100

Giant Tomato 1st $100 Will add a 2nd place prize if we hit 200

Field Pumpkin 1st $100  & 3rd place prize at 300 members

Bushel Gourd 1st $100

Tallest Sunflower $100

Sunflower Biggest head $100

Heaviest Cucumber $100

Longest Cucumber $100

Cantaloupe $100                      If using Marks Mixes add $100

Heaviest Marrow $100            to each prize Using all 6 products?

Heaviest Carrot $100               add $200 to each prize.Grow as

Heaviest Onion $100               many as you like (No limit)


World Records will receive a $100 bonus & plaque.