1st Place Marvin Mitchell 24 feet 9 inches  150$ & plaque 

2nd place Iwan Horde 18 feet 9 inches $75 and a ATTA BOY !

3rd Johnston/Butler  18 feet 2 inches 50$ & a maybe next year! 

4th Scott st Laurent 17 feet 3 inches 

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New 2017 United States  Record grown with Root Keeper


Here is a picture of my tall sunflower and a little story of what I used to help get it to 24'9" tall.

In 2016 Steven DeRycke from New York and I from Fenton, Michigan each grew a new US record  tall sunflower at 23'1" tall.  We each went to Port Elgin Canada to have them certified and with two of them in the same place that was a site to see.

I new starting the 2017 growing year that I was going to have do something big time to beat the 23' 1" from 2016.  So as in all plants it all starts at the roots and in tall sunflowers the tap root counts in the height.  Using Marks Root Keeper was the only thing I did different from 2016 and it helped me grow a new US Record at 24' 9" tall, beating the 2016 record by 20".  Will I be using it again in 2018 ?  You bet I will !

Thanks Mark

Marvin Mitchell