5th place Joe Lehr

Todd Kline 1718 3rd place

HD winner Woodbridge

Fresh Links

Johston/Butler 1478 4th  place

1374.5 Glenna Rea

HD winner OVGPG


$2,000.00 1st place & WWGG growers jacket

2017 winner is Mark Clementz 2043.5 lbs

$500.00 2nd place Pete VanderWielen 1991.5 lbs

$300.00 3rd place Todd Kline 1718 lbs

$200.00 4th Johnston/Butler 1478 lbs


5th Joe Lehr 1418 lbs

6th Russ Pugh 1385 lbs

7th 1374.5 Glenna Rea 17 won the Howard Dill award at the OVGPG weighoff this year.

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS till December 31st 2017

Please submit your orange contest entry if yours is missing

6th place Russ Pugh 1385 HD winner Useugi Farms