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Hi Grower  No you dont have to endorse my products to win my contests.I glad you asked this question.You can still win 1st place & all paying spots growing with any ones products.What I am offering is BONUS money for exclusive grows using Marks Mixes.You can double your $500 first prize with a Bronze Membership ($300) using all 6 products any way you wish.So it would pay $1000 for first.BuTT if you do a exclusive grow you will double your double to $2000 & if you grow a WR in your category it will also get a 1,000 boost.So a WR Exclusive Squash would pay  $3,000. Exclusive means you would only use my Root Keeper as your Mycorrhizae/Baccillius/Trichoderma product (no others). Marks Special Tea would be your only Amino acid foliage/drench product used.The other products Grow-Bloom-Pumpkin Power-Cal Mag.should be you only products used in there daily feedings. NOT using there equivalents in another line of growing products.You CAN use products I dont make like Azos- Cal Carb  Potassium silicates etc. You must submit a exclusive testimonial to Marks Mixes to claim prize money & any seeds required by the rules to get full compensation.I will negotiate a low seed count.Low seed count is less then 125 seeds,anything higher I will expect the seeds. Thanks for asking looking forward to shaking your hand in Niagara Falls. Mark(Bubba)

Pumpkins over 1900 lbs can receive a Free Basic Membership with a seed donation.Contact to dicuss details.

2017 Field Pumpkin results (unofficial till Dec 31st )

1st $500 Iwan Horde 180.80 lbs

2nd & 3rd $200 Tie John Harnica 127 lbs & Scott St Laurent split $300

4th $100 Dan Fleser 112.50 lbs

5th $100 Brian Cleave 109 lbs

6th  Steve Hamilton 106 lbs Missouri State Fair

7th Johnson/Butler 103 lbs

8th  Ryan Cleveland 84lbs
9th Andy Box 82.50 lbs

   2017 Tomato  Contest

1st place $500 & WWGG growers coat Tomato
Steve Marley 8.22 lbs
2nd $200 TIE Pete VanderWeilen 7 lbs
3rd $100 TIE Mike Mansfield  7lbs will split money
4th $100 Chris Konieczny 5.83 lbs
5th $100 Rusty Ortman 5.36 lbs
6th Jim Thomas 5.20

Hip Hip Hooray! 2017 Prize list is Here

2017 Prize Structure

NEW $6,000.00 prize could be won this 2017 Season!!

 Bubba's Big Orange Contest

Basic Member ship $35 will get you entered to win

one of our prizes below plus a 2 oz.sample of Root Keeper for all Basic Members World Wide will be shipped if possible.

Plus top 4 winners seeds to be offered to growers for 2018

Big Orange  growing season.

Bronze Members Exclusive Grow will double to $4,000.00

Gold Members Exclusive Grow 1st pays $5,000.00

World Record Exclusive Gold Grow will Pay 1,000.00 Bonus

Total winnings $6,000.00 for World Record Orange Pumpkin exclusively grown with Marks Mixes

2016 Big Orange Champion Todd Kline of Canada

Bronze Membership is $300 & gets you all 6 products

You will get 1-grow 2 lb jar water soluble powders

2- Blooms 2-lbs each

2-Pumpkin Power 2-lbs each

1-Cal mag 2-lb

1-Root Keeper 2-lb

1- gallon Marks Special Tea

(with Amino acids & more)

You will get 3 draws in each seed giveaway Jan 1st & March 1st, plus Invitation to the hidden Facebook How to grow page.We have World Record holders on board sharing methods & growing tips.


2016 Bronze members that have won a 1st ,2nd or 3rd place, will receive  a free Bronze( $300 ) Membership for 2017.This can be used to up grade if you wish? So a 2017 Gold Membership would be $695 to our Win place or show 2016 winners.If you wish to do a Exclusive Grow write in comment Box on membership form your intentions.This will also apply for 2017.Win a Bronze if you Win Place or Show with a Bronze membership fee paid by June 1st. for 2018

Big Orange rules

1. Pumpkin must be Orange.(example)The 1877 Kline above is about as light orange as can be accepted.We are trying to keep them Orange.I think Mathias 2624 would have meet the requirements also.

2. You can grow any seed you wish.(we have seeds for you if needed from last years winners.

3. Exclusive grows must be registered by June 1st .Stating your intentions. Seed/plants you will be growing etc.

4.Exclusives must use only Marks Mixes for there grow. You can use products we dont make.(Cal Carb. Azos etc>) You must use my mycorrhizae (Root Keeper) only.No other similar products can be used.Marks Special Tea with amino acids must be your only foliar product used containing amino acids.The Grow/Bloom/Pumpkin Power/Cal Mag. must be the only products used in your daily feeding regiment.Im not concerned with soil amendments prior to planting,or such products we  dont make a equalivent to.

5. Must buy products from WWGG website & use membership form to register how many plants & types you will be growing by Junes 1st each season.

6. Must submit a written testimonial sharing your exclusive grow & this becomes the property of WWGG & Marks Mixes for promotional purposes.

7.Must donate seeds from the top 4 winners each season.30 - 50 seeds will be expected from 2-4th  place pumpkins. 1st place would like 20 -30 seeds.Will negotiate a low seed count of 100 or less seeds if you are not blessed with a big count 300 or more is average.World Records must give 10 seeds if  good seed count is present 200 plus seeds.

I will Be Back!!  rules maybe added in the next 2-3  weeks as I implement this new program

If you have suggestions please submit them

I have shipped a BOGO to Ontario for $80 & one to Spain for 150$ .Not sure what your duties will be. The  fellow in Ontario paid $50 his. Just to give you an idea of shipping costs

As with the Bubba Challenge This will be the only contest I Mark Clementz  will enter in the Top contests

Early Bird Seed giveaway coming soon New Years Day! So get enrolled to win one of 40  Hot seed 2- 2145 McMullen & more 

2017 Giant Pumpkin Contest (GPC rules & guidelines)

Basic $35 Membership pays

1st place $500 Bronze membership doubles 1st to $1,000 Bronze exclusive doubles again $ 2,000

(unofficial)Winner is Mathias Willemijns 2,228.90 lbs

2nd $300 Cindy Tobeck 2,002lbs

3rd $200 Pete Vanderwielen 1852 lbs

4th $150 Todd Cotterman 1794 lbs

5th $100 Quinn Werner 1791lbs

6th $75 Russ Pugh 1786 lbs

7th $75 Jerry Rose 1752 lbs

8th $50 Chris Qualley 1736 lbs

9th $50 Joe Platte 1730 lbs

10 th $50 Arnold Horde 1672 lbs

Plus $1,000  World Record Exclusive would pay $ 3,000 for 1st place.

Contests with 30 or more 1st place wins WWGG growers jacket.

with name & weight embrodered on jacket 

(write exclusive grow in comment box on members form)

Novice Pumpkin

(Your personal best must be under 1000 lbs to enter)

Basic $35 membership pays

1st place $250 doubles with a bronze to $500. Bronze exclusive doubles  to $1,000

(Unofficial) Phil Groenwold  with a bronze wins $500 1,666 lbs

2nd $ 200 DJ Steffler 1,400 lbs

3rd $100  Scott St Laurent 1,330 lbs

John Brinkley  672 lbs

(Please write Exclusive Novice Giant Pumpkin grow in Comment box when joining.

2017 Giant Squash

1st Place 500$ to Scott Holub 1807.5 lbs

2nd $250 Todd Kline 1309 lbs

3rd $100 John Sikorski 1124.50 lbs

4th  $100 Butler/Johnston 1038 lbs

5th $100 Brian Staring 879.5 lbs

Giant Watermelon 

$35 Basic  Membership pays

1st $500 Bronze doubles to $1,000 Bronze Exclusive doubles again $2,000

Chris Kent & Todd Dawson  TIE at 316 lbs splitting 1st & 2nd place

1st$500 & 2nd $250 =$750- $375 each Chris will double his with the Bronze to $750 Todd will win $375

3rd $100  Jeremey Lindley 298 lbs plus wins a 2018 bronze  membership

4th  $100 Jason Terry 260 lbs

5th $100 Marvin Mitchell 259 lbs

6th $100 Andrew Vial

Must give exclusive Testimonial to WWGG on your grow.

Not endorsing any other (brand)fertilizer products.

World Record Exclusive pays $3,000

Novice Watermelon basic pays

1st $250 Jordan Terry 253 lbs

2nd $100 Danny Vester  237.5 lbs

3rd $100 Rusty Ortman 165lbs

World Record Exclusive Grow Bonus 1,000 =2,000 total  to 1st place novice winner.Must write Exclusive Testimonial & give 50 seeds to WWGG

Long Gourd

$35 Basic Pays

1st $500 Bronze doubles to $1,000 Bronze Exclusive pays $1500

1st  Pete VanderWielen 143.75 inches    $1,000 with a silver membership

2nd $200 Al Eaton 138.50 inches

3rd $100 John Harnica 135.13

4th$100 Dan Fleser 134.75

5th $100 121.75 Schnicker, Marty

6th 121.50 Johnston/Butler

World Record Exclusive pays 2,000 with testimoninal & seeds donated a must.