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1734 Clementz 2015 Champion $5,000 1st place  Dublin Ohio


This site is all about growing giant veggies. I started growing giants in 1996 that was also the same year the first 1000 lb. giant pumpkin was grown. This has been my passion ever since. I love the fun & excitement of growing. It's like Christmas for a child, the anticipation & suspense of what you will get at seasons end and the joy of watching others see what you have grown.I want to share my knowledge & fun with others as they to can have fun in the sun with there friends & family. Please join my grandchildren & I on our fun how to grow veggie site.

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1317 Clementz 2013

Mother of my 1947.5 2014 Michigan State record  & 1998 Jutras & 1734 Clementz

Grow with a child & savor the memories that will last a lifetime. My grandson Jackson Reed! Yes indeed Jackson Reed !

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