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Mark’s Mix is an ultra-premium brand of fertilizers and soil amendments designed for use in all types of gardening.
Grow fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers with our high-quality, all natural nutrient mixes.
Use Mark’s Mix in container gardening, hydroponic gardening and indoor & outdoor gardening.

Mark Clementz

World Champion Grower

Gardening is my ultimate passion – like Christmas for a child. For me, the anticipation & excitement of what’s to come from my garden is like a fountain of youth. After 20 years of winning competitions and setting state records across the US, I started World Wide Giant Growers to help all of my fans & followers who wanted to be champions too. Now, I’ve created Mark’s Mix ultra-premium brand of fertilizers and soil amendments to help all gardeners grow the freshest, highest quality vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

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I did gardening as a child with Mother & my Uncle who had 33 acres a few miles from me. I did sell seeds from the American seed company as a child as I responded a ad from a comic book.I have been a dry waller & painter for 20 years & then started remodeling & doing carpentry. My Uncle Jud who is now 88 came to me in 1995 with a newsletter from Clarence New York promoting a $50,000.00 award for the first 1000 lb pumpkin.

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MI State Record
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  • I am a first year grower that grew a 1918.5 lb Minnesota State Record pumpkin using Marks Root Keeper. I believe it is one of the major factors that contributed to my success. Not only did I grow a 1918.5 lb pumpkin my first year, I grew an 11.7 lb carrot and a 5.59 lb giant tomato. I will be using Marks Root Keeper on all of my fruits and veggies next year as well. Thanks Mark for the great product. – Chris “Q Tip” Qualley

    Minnesota State Record
    Giant Grower
  • From Alaska. Our 7.15 tomato. We use Mark’s Root Keeper regularly on all of our giant and garden tomatoes as well as our squash, pumpkins and gourds. We also swear by his Beneficial Tea which we use weekly. Thank you Mark – Patrick White.

    NEW Alaska State Record
  • Thank you Mark Clementz for World Wide Giant Growers and your great products. My 2nd year growing melons and with the help of Root Keeper, Marks Tea, Pumpkin Power and your other products I grew a winner. I grew some nice melons and finished the year with a 290.5 lber!!!

    290.5 lb Melon
  • Thanks Mark! Your Root Keeper product is fabulous! I actually grow tall sunflowers. After using Root Keeper this year, I’ve won tall sunflower contests at multiple weigh-off sites within my state. But this year I’ve never had such rapid sunflower growth. Just within 4 weeks I went from 3 foot sunflowers to some around the 13-15 foot range now. It has to be the Root Keeper.

    It Must Be Root Keeper

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