This site is all about growing giant veggies. I started growing giants in 1996 that was also the same year the first 1000 lb. giant pumpkin was grown. This has been my passion ever since. I love the fun & excitement of growing. It's like Christmas for a child, the anticipation & suspense of what you will get at seasons end and the joy of watching others see what you have grown.I want to share my knowledge & fun with others as they to can have fun in the sun with their friends & family. Please join my grandchildren & I on our fun how to grow veggie site.

I started growing giants in 1996 with my Uncle Jud who is now 89 years old.He brought me a newsletter offering 50 grand for the 1st 1000 lber to be weighed in. Well my first year I grew a 520 if my memory serves me right. The record was broke that year the 1061 by Paula & Nathan Zehr.I was hooked & grew some nice 700 & 800 lbers the next few years taking them to Pt Elgin Canada along with my watermelons at around 180 lbs.Then in 2002 I won the State title in Michigan with a 848 just 36 lbs shy of the State record .


In 2011 I grew 3 watermelons in the screenhouse 260 lbs 228 & a 219 with a 192 grew outside in the weeds.My 260 was 3rd in the world behind my new found friends Chris Kent & Todd Dawson 282lb  2011 world champion.


 I grew a 1947lb  Orange Beast a new Michigan state record in 2014 .I also grew a 138.5 long gourd which still remains a state record & was a U.S. record that season. The following season I grew  1734 in 2015 Dublin champion winning 5 grand .in 2016 I grew a 1704 that was Orange & the 1474 Trumpkin the Pumpkin.My current Michigan State record at 2043.5 lbs as shown in picture above & won & 7 grand at Operation Pumpkin in 2017 in Hamilton Ohio.I had to come out of the closet as a ORANGE lover.

“Don’t  you grow no ugly Pumpkin”

Please join the fun at Mark Clementz on You Tube & We pride our selves in BIG ORANGE Pumpkins!

  4 time State Champion loving to help others to grow the Monster Orange Pumpkin of there life. If its 150 lbs or 1500 lbs Mark would like to help you have the grow of your life.

 "Keep it a Secret, but go tell a friend"

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1317 lbs. Clementz 2013

Mother of my 1947.5 2014 Michigan State record  & 1998 Jutras & 1734 Clementz

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1734 lbs. Clementz 2015 Champion $5,000 1st place  Dublin Ohio & Michigan State Champion 2015 

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Grow with a child & savor the memories that will last a lifetime. My grandson Jackson Reed! Yes indeed Jackson Reed !